Design is more than just colour, image, and layout; it’s about representing a deep understanding of your brand's intention and positioning.

Since our motto itself is ‘more than ink on paper’ we are not afraid to give you more than just colour, image, and layout.WE ARE BOLD. We are bold enough to create your purpose for you. We have done it all. Whether it’s a simple business card or an invitation or a booklet or a magazine or as elaborate as a coffee table book or a magnificent logo or a product packaging design, yes, we have done it all with the highest detailing from conceptualization to photography to print production.

Our approach is simple. We just listen carefully, feel with you, do enough research on the subject, assign a team, create two or three styles, sit down with you, make amends, freeze the style, develop design, review with you again, adopt changes, present a mock-up, get the approval, job completed, shake hands, and bring happiness around. This is our perfect rendition of ‘More Than Ink On Paper’.

We design for you:

• Publishing materials • Marketing campaigns • Product Packaging • Branded stationary • Personal projects • Periodicals • Branding collateral • Brochure • Flyers • Coffee Table Book • Posters • Calendars • Planners • Logo •

Our Services


We plan with you to create a stylesheet. Our planning for all the design of your requirement is based on professional process. Together we can create a possible outline for the best outcome.


We do ample research to develop an insight. We dig deep to cover all aspects of content, colour, style, and element to make it more well-suited and striking.

Content Management

We have a dedicated division to run through to develop and suggest ideal content for each task. Our efforts are on the basis of product purpose are done at its greatest.

Color Management

At orangexpress, the sensitivity to colour is a way of life. We live to make lives colourful. Our design team works on a particular aesthetic sense for your brand to speak to its audience. We have a revelry of the finest colour management personal and software in the country.


We are versatile enough to type in your matter in several languages without error. We employ a real time proofing system. Speed and accuracy are at its best at Orangexpress to support you create your content.


We have an extensively exclusive division to undertake creative photography. We cover photography projects for Coffee Table Books, Profile Development, Events, Catalogues, Wild Life, Archives, etc. We have all the latest high-end gears and artists to successfully undertake such projects.

Layout Development

Whether you are purposed to use the creatives for publishing, marketing, archives, events, or brand launch our layout development action would be the master stroke in delivering that perfect artwork for you.


At Orangexpress, we trust that every brand has a job to do and our design is always grounded on this trust. We design to make your brand or your product stand out and make merry. Trust and Count on us will not make you regret. It’s a promise. It’s our promise.


We have an established process to present you with your product’s sample mock-up for review and approval before executing mass production. Irrespective of the nature of the job as a customary standard we make samples to feel the output beforehand. We do this because we are ‘Orangexpress’ – a creative innovation of ‘Orange Printers Pvt Ltd’.